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"You will accomplish in 9 sessions of our program what most agents take an entire year to do.

I promise our course will be a lifetime resource!"

Improve Your Real Estate Sales Skills with Leader's Choice.

Join the ranks of real estate agents who approach each situation with ease and confidence which has become second nature for them after having taken Leader's Choice Real Estate Training.

Compare our results against any other real estate training program in the world, and Leader’s Choice participants will come out on top every time.

Our nine session sales training program of 100% online courses uses the full suite of Leader's Choice tools to help you learn, practice, and master the Leader's Choice system.

  • Work at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office.

  • Extensive audio & video of Mark Leader demonstrating key real estate sales techniques.

  • Homework assignments between sessions allow you to put your knowledge to work immediately, then record & track your progress online.

  • Interact with our trainers and other students through forums and exercises.

  • Record your own audio scripts and receive feedback from sales trainers & students.

  • Online Q&A. Just log on with your question and receive an answer from our expert trainers.

  • Printable reference material is available for every session.
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Leaders Choice Online Training Course Outline

Session 1 - The Foundations of a Leader
This is where all great leaders gain their strength - The FOUNDATION.
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  • Leader development cycle-Review of what it takes to maintain success throughout all real estate market ebbs and flows.
  • Following the "Path"-The irrefutable, logical steps to running your business as a real estate industry leader.
  • Goals, commitment and focus-What they really mean and how do they impact a powerful real estate career.
  • What constitutes pro-active prospecting versus passive prospecting-The beginning of the process for building saleable inventory.

Session 2 - Pro-Active Prospecting
Understanding effective, pro-active prospecting. Differentiating "activity" from "productivity"
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  • Key questions for differentiating "ready, willing and able" prospects from those who are not.
  • What to do when you are hit with an objection-Getting to the appointment opportunity.
  • Moving prospects forward from positions of fear and trepidation (often due to challenges within the market) by providing guidance and expertise.
  • Using the company's tools/advantages to provide the prospect with valuable services.
  • Strengthening your real estate marketing presentation skills so that the appointment can be done in one step.

Session 3 - Steps to Successful Real Estate Marketing Presentations
Real estate sales professionals who present effectively on marketing presentations are always the industry leaders. No matter what sales professionals hear to the contrary, saleable listings are crucial to a successful career.
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  • Well-orchestrated marketing presentations assist you in controlling the process.
  • Preparing both emotionally and technically for the presentation.
  • Using the "Comfort Zone" process to put the prospect at ease and to ensure that the company's tools and advantages are well represented.
  • Viewing the real estate property-Using the process to move closer to the desired outcome.
  • The rewards of effectively working in the expired market.
  • Utilizing social media networks; Facebook, twitter, Linkedln, Google+.

Session 4 - The Art of Self Promotion
Utilizing the company's tools and advantages to the fullest is based in skill and an understanding of how to relate those advantages to the prospects' needs. No two prospects are exactly the same, and each deserves to be treated to a personalized presentation.
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  • Tips for successful real estate marketing promotion.
  • Components of a well-constructed visual presentation using the company's tools/advantages.
  • Presenting compelling reasons the prospect should/would list with the real estate agent.
  • Effectively comparing the agent's company to other companies which may be competing with them for the listing.
  • Tips and techniques for working the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) real estate market.

Session 5 - Mastering the Pricing Presentation
No one wants their real estate listings to expire. The key to avoiding that, is to get it right the first time! Once the real estate sales professional understands the components of pricing and how to present price in a way that compels the motivated prospect to act in their best interest, the sales process becomes successful far more often than not.
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  • Three ways to present price depending upon how in line the real estate agent's data is with the prospect's wants and/or expectations.
  • Successfully navigating price reductions when necessary.
  • Logical steps that lead to closing and the signature.
  • Ensuring a full-term listing period is obtained.
  • Creating a marketing checklist-Ensuring that there are no constraints on the listing agreement that in any way would inhibit the home from being brought to market in a compelling way. A property that is not able to be marketed effectively will not sell.

Session 6 - Mastering Your Attitude. Mastering Your Time.
In order to be a strong and effective sales professional, one must ensure that they are aligned in body and spirit. Having a healthy attitude toward the real estate profession coupled with creating peace and excellent time management skills helps to ensure that balance is maintained.
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  • Running your business like an industry leader-What the top professionals do to maintain their edge.
  • Understanding time and the truths about "managing" it versus "expending" it.

Session 7 - Objection Handling for Success 1
When a real estate sales professional presents themselves as confident and competent when handling objections and stalls, their confidence rises exponentially - As does their hit ratios!
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  • Differentiating between a stall, condition and a real objection.
  • Techniques for converting stalls into the real reason the prospect is hesitant to move to the next level.
  • Using a very specific process that will handle the objection for the real estate agent while preventing the agent from reverting to "selling" too hard and allowing fear to interfere with his/her process.
  • What the agent can do when the prospect will not commit, and wants to pursue other possibilities before making a decision-There are ways to ensure that the agent has another opportunity to garner the listing.
  • Many common objections will be handled using the process outlined in this session. The real estate agent is able to see how effective the process is at moving the prospect forward.

Session 8 - Objection Handling for Success 2
Objection handling is continued in this session. It is such a crucial component of success - In this session, we ensure that the real estate agents are fully versed and confident in the process. The balance of the session is devoted to handling inquiries.
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  • Tips and techniques for handling all inquiries no matter where they were generated from: Internet, phone, sign, print media, other media sources, etc.
  • Controlling the initial contact to determine if there is an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting for a marketing presentation or to view properties. The process for the initial interview helps to determine early on whether this person is ready to make a real estate decision or should they be placed into a contact system until they are ready or able to move forward. The key is to use the agent's time in the most productive way possible while building down-stream business when appropriate.
  • Tips and techniques for conducting fruitful open houses.

Session 9 - Buyer Success Strategies
The time has arrived to devote an entire session to working with buyers. While there are many places within the first eight sessions where buyers are discussed, this session is buyer specific.
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  • Techniques needed to close buyers more quickly.
  • Ensuring "R.O.M.E." happens as often as possible (Required Office Meeting.)
  • Methods for making every buyer feel special and valued.
  • Qualifying the buyer for urgency and motivation.
  • Handling the offer process. Having more offers accepted the first go round.
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Leader's Choice Program Details - Learn how to sell real estate with online courses.
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